The Cable Show 2012


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Guavus will demonstrate how cable operators can turn big data into big insights that will allow them to grow their business. The Guavus Reflex ™ platform, which includes an integrated suite of analytics applications, continuously correlates, integrates and analyzes multiple data streams (both warehoused and networked data) such as netflow, jflow, IPDR, CDR, STB clickstream, and more. As more data sources connect to the platform, the applications iteratively update themselves to become richer and stream more timely insights including the identification of potential chord cutters, characterization of OTT traffic without the use of DPI, identification of commercial prospects behind wholesale peers, and optimization of content delivery networks. Insights are displayed graphically through powerful, easy-to-use dashboards thereby democratizing decision-making across the operator’s extended enterprise.

Contact Info

Ms. Suzanne McCormac
Senior Director Marketing Communications
San Mateo CA United States


Guavus Big Data Solution

The Guavus big data solution, which is based on pioneering patent-pending technology, is a unified technology stack consisting of the Guavus ReflexTM platform integrated with a suite of analytics applications.