The Cable Show 2012

The App Pond: A Memorable Showcase

The App Pond at the 2012 Imagine Park

The App Pond at Imagine Park offered a live showcase for newly developed applications playing over tablets, smartphones, and other connected devices. Taking a page from the Boston Common, the App Pond was a "digital" version of the famous Frog Pond - an engaging, free-spirited, interactive landscape featuring the best in cable’s mobile media, branded entertainment, lifestyle and educational applications.

Springing up around the water’s edge, apps in this interactive showcase featured cable’s best-in-class in software development across multiple platforms and devices. Designed in partnership with DIY Network, the App Pond provided the perfect backdrop for imaginative apps that make content, communications and information more portable, more engaging, and - best of all - more fun.

Participating Companies

The App Pond provided self-guided tours of more than 30 of cable’s most compelling apps from the following companies: