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Alex Ben Block

Senior Editor
The Hollywood Reporter

Alex Ben Block

Entertainment industry journalist, author, broadcaster and show business historian Alex Ben Block is Senior Editor of The Hollywood Reporter.

Block has written about and covered the cable TV industry since it's earliest days, through the modern era of multi-platform telecommunications. His articles have covered the business in depth but have also looked at programming and included many in-depth profiles of the personalities who helped shape the business. As editor of TelevisionWeek from 2005 until 2008, Block helped expand coverage of cable TV, satellite TV and telecommunications, as it grew in importance along side traditional over the air broadcast.

Since he returned to The Hollywood Reporter in 2009, where he had been Editor in the 1990s, Block has covered the NCTA, the annual conventions and events in the cable and satellite industries throughout the year.

Today, Block regularly writes major news stories for the acclaimed priint magazine, the popular web site (with some 10 million unique visitors a month, now the top site in its space) and digital daily.

His other positions have included Entertainment Editor and movie critic for The Miami News, City Editor of The L.A. Herald Examiner, columnist for the Detroit News.

Last year, Block was lead Editor of “George Lucas's Blockbusting: A Decade-by-Decade Survey of Timeless Movies Including Untold Secrets of Their Financial and Cultural Success,” which was published to great critical acclaim and now is used as a test by many colleges. He was author of the critically acclaimed books "OUTFOXED: The Inside Story of America's Fourth Television Network," and international bestseller "The Legend of Bruce Lee."

Block is a popular public speaker and frequently appears on TV and radio, including the Advertising Show, NPR, KNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN and elsewhere. His many honors include a 2011 nomination for the National Entertainment Journalism Awards, three LA Press Club Awards for journalistic excellence, Hearst Awards, Will Rogers Foundation Award and the Journalism Award from the Caucus For Television Producers, Directors and Writers personally presented by Leslie Moonves.


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